Celo in action.

Learn about how Celo is reaching 5 Billion smart phones users with mobile DeFi solutions across our partner network.

Mobile Payments
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Removing barriers and unlocking financial opportunities for all. Valora makes money borderless, secure and fast. People in over 100 countries around the world send money from one continent to another from their mobile phones, in a matter of seconds, with near 0 fees.

Mobile Payments in action.

With cryptocurrency payment gateways, businesses can seamlessly accept transactions with cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for goods or services.

Connect the world

View full list of fiat on and off ramps.

Decentralized UBI
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Uganda YOTU Community
YOTU is a group of youth (between 16 to 30 years old) on a mission to create work opportunities in their community. They are using UBI powered by impactMarket to support educational training by buying computers and workshop materials.

UBI Explained

Created with the aim of alleviating poverty, Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a program that enables beneficiaries to receive a set amount of finance on a regular basis. UBI programs can be applied on a national, regional, or local scale.

Unleashing prosperity

By fighting extreme poverty

Lending in action.

Smallholder farmers in Kenya with limited access to traditional credit were able to leverage their relationship with their employer to access mobile based DeFi loans at affordable rates. The  first of its kind solution can offer better interest rates, instant loan delivery, and reduce administrative overhead.

Employer Based Lending Explained

Employer-based lending is a way for unbanked and underbanked communities to access undercollateralized credit by leveraging social capital with employers. Employees are able to access microloans and borrowing based on collateral posted by the employer as risk of repayment is reduced with wage garnishments as an option to ensure repayment. 

DeFi Micro Lending

Smallholder farmers in Nanyuki Kenya

Mutual credits
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Turn untapped abilities, resources and capabilities into liquidity by facilitating credit networks in which businesses can extend credit to each other without the need for fiat money. Unused inventory, free labor time and other resources can be lent to the network in exchange for resources and business needs. 

Mutual Credits Explained

A Mutual Credit Network allows units of currency to be issued when a user extends credit to another user in a standard spending translation.

What is mutual credit?

allowing access to credit at competitive terms.

Digital Microwork
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Promoting microwork  by reducing transaction costs, among un-and under-employed youth in Nairobi. Local participants received training and guidance on cryptocurrency,, and how to complete microwork tasks. On completion of tasks, participants were able to access instant payment in cUSD withoptions to easily cash out to local currency, keep earnings as savings  and earn interest, or send money in cUSD to friends and family.

Digital Microwork Explained

Digital microwork is a form of digital labor which promotes jobs at any skill level in emerging markets enabling financial inclusion for the unbanked. With just access to a digital wallet, young people at risk of poverty can complete small tasks online to earn an income. 

The Rise of Digital Microwwork

Earn a living and be more digitally literate

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in action.

The Celo community came together to help the Nagbacalan Loom Weavers Cooperative in the Philippines alleviate poverty. embers of the cooperative were supported during COVID as they received crowdfunding aid from impactMarket. The community was also able to access wider international markets for sale by using Varola, taking advantage of crypto for fast, low cost payments 

 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Explained

An entrepreneurial ecosystem supports independent actors by the creation and growth of new ventures in a community  by promoting productive entrepreneurship within a specific business sphere.

Journey into the World of Crypto

The Nagbacalan Loom Weavers Cooperative

Gamified Savings
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GoodGhosting has multiple 4-week saving pool launched on Celo which require users to make weekly deposits in exchange for rewards such as; cUSD interest generated by Moola, unique Celo-themed NFTs.

Gamified Savings Explained

Gamified saving solutions help users build and improve their money management habits by contributing to an incentivised environment to save. Gamers join a saving pool that runs for a specified period and make periodic contributions. By joining a savings pool, players agree to save at a cadence and frequency defined by the game.

Mobile-First financial habits

helping you to save regularly