Explore the Celo Ecosystem.

Millions of people already benefit from assets and applications built on Celo, but our journey has only just begun. We want to make DeFi accessible to 1 billion people around the world.

Explore our user journeys below to learn how to buy, swap, borrow, lend, donate or just about anything else you want to do through Celo’s DeFi ecosystem.

Explore DeFi Wallets

On ramp to a Celo wallet from Fiat using valora - purchase a stablecoin (cUSD).
Download the Valora app and get started with the easiest way to purchase crypto with fiat, directly from your bank or card in just a few steps.
Download Valora Wallet
Head to mobius.money, connect your Celo wallet (Valora app) and swap half of your cUSD to CELO using the swap function of the DEX. Complete the swap by approving the transaction on your Valora app.

Explore an Exchange

Deposit some of that cUSD into Mobius to learn how to exchange tokens. Swap cUSD for Celo tokens.

Explore Liquidity Pools

Deposit some Celo and cUSD into Ubeswap and create a liquidity pool - learn how to create a pair using both tokens.
Head to app.ubeswap.org/pool and hit the ‘add liquidity’ button. Create a new cUSD/CELO liquidity pool by connecting your wallet and depositing partial funds from your wallet balance. The pool must be balanced through the same $ value being deposited from each token.
Head over to Goodghosting.com & check out the best tournaments on offer for CELO token holders. Connect your wallet, register for one of the tournaments by depositing some cUSD and start earning rewards, and get entered into raffles to win prizes.

Explore Savings Pools

Now visit GoodGhosting and put the remainder of your tokens into a gamified savings pool to win high interest rewards and potential prizes.

Decentralized Poverty Alleviation Protocol.

Donate some of those earnings to supporting UBI programs in developing countries.
Now you’re earning rewards and liquidity on your investment, why not help the Celo cause and donate some of those earnings to supporting UBI programs in developing countries via ImpactMarket